SDP sends message of solidarity to DPHK

Singapore Democrats

The Hon. Emily Lau
Member, Hong Kong Legislative Council
and Chair, Democratic Party of Hong Kong$CUT$

Dear Emily,

At this time of great anxiety and turmoil, the Singapore Democratic Party wishes to express our solidarity with you and the people of Hong Kong in your heroic stand for democracy.

Hong Kongers have demonstrated what a peaceful protest is. Your refusal to yield in the face of intimidation and, more importantly, your steadfast adherence to non-violence in the face of provocation inspires many across the world. This is what character and class look like.

The SDP urges the Chinese authorities to honour not just the Basic Law but also basic humanity. We appeal to the SAR government to seek a solution acceptable to the people of Hong Kong and to eschew violence. A violent crackdown on the peaceful protesters is in no one’s interest.

My colleagues and I look forward to see you when we visit Hong Kong for our CALD-LI conference soon. In the meantime, please convey our deepest admiration to your colleagues Martin, Albert, Sin Chung-Kai and all the Hong Kong Democrats. Stay strong.

Yours in solidarity,

Soon Juan

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