It’s about you, our fellow citizens

Singapore Democrats

Members of the SDP were out and about in Marsiling and Bukit Panjang estates this morning continuing with our campaign to get into Parliament to speak up for our fellow citizens.$CUT$

We were heartened by the many handshakes and voices of support as we went from block to block and table to table greeting the thousands of residents as they went about their breakfast and marketing on a Sunday morning. 

We were greeted with heartwarming smiles as residents stopped to chat and, with the ubiquitous smartphones, paused for the inevitable photographs.

“You have our support,” many said in response as we told them about our effort to get into Parliament so that we can be a check on the Government. 

A glass of kopi now costs $1.20, a elderly man said: “Want to have breakfast now also so expensive.”

Another senior citizen said that the opposition must raise the issue of the COE.

“How to do business like that?” he told us in Mandarin. “We need cars to fetch our goods. You all must bring up this issue.”

The feedback throughout the morning was one of disappointment as many people spoke up about the continued rise in the cost of living. 

The walkabout is part of our Road to 2016 campaign that we started immediately after the last elections in 2011. We will be stepping up our ground effort as we approach 2015 which could see a snap elections being held.

We’re spreading the message about our alternative policies and explaining to the people how these policies will benefit them, including policies on housing, population, healthcare, ministers’ salaries and education. 

We will present them to the electorate at the GE and we’re looking forward to your support.

More walkabout photos at SDP’s facebook photo album.

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