Working hard to be your voice in Parliament

Singapore Democrats

Party members have been visiting residents at the Marsiling estate as we continue our work to win the people’s support so that we can get into Parliament to speak up for you.$CUT$

Repeatedly, we have been told that Singaporeans’ first and foremost concern is the escalating cost of living.

Many residents also tell us that it is unfair for the Governemnt to hold on to their CPF savings after they retire. The funds belong to them and they have every right to get it back – and not in bits and pieces. As it is, many do not have sufficient funds to retire on as most of their savings have gone into HDB loans.

The increasingly stressful lifestyle in Singapore brought on by overcrowding from the lax immigration laws is another big concern for the people.

Our response to the voters is simple: We hear you. We undertand your worries and frustration. But you must elect us into Parliament so that we can raise these issues and compel the PAP Government to rectify these problems.

The SDP is working hard to earn your support. We are not entitled to it, we understand that. No one is. Every party and candidate must earn their support, and this is why we’re out on weekends and weeknights, knocking on doors and visiting market centres to explain to Singaporeans the urgent need to support the SDP. 

As hard as we are already working, we will be stepping up our campaign as the GE draws nearer.

In the meantime, we call on our supporters to join us and volunteer in the effort to build a future where our Government listens to us and takes care of the people’s interests.

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