We need you to build this vision with us

Singapore Democrats

We want to build a thinking nation, one that shows compassion, one where the government listens to us, and where, even though things are not easy, we never give up trying to progress as a people.$CUT$

We want to unfetter the minds of our fellow citizens, maximise opportunity for our younger people, and empower the poor among us.

We want to reclaim for our people the ability to question authority and to build a capacity for collective reasoning and debate.

This is the vision that the SDP has been working towards. We have a chance to achieve it at the next elections.

But we cannot do this alone. No one can. We need you, the people, to build this vision with us.

Next year we celebrate our 35th year of democratic service. During this time, we have been attacked relentlessly. There have been times when we had very little to go on. But we dug deep and where there was no path forward, we made one. We persevered because we believed in our people, in our nation.

Today, we humbly say that not only are we are still standing but, more importantly, we are growing and moving forward ever so determinedly. We have been consistent, we have been honest, and we have worked hard, very hard – all to make this Republic that we call home a better and prouder one for all our fellow citizens.

If you share our vision, if you believe in what we have done, if you believe in principled leadership then volunteer with us and join our campaign. Come to our GE2015 Campaign Kick-Off on 10 Jan 2015 at the Holiday Inn Atrium, Outram Road from 2-5pm.

Many Singaporeans expect elections to be called in the last quarter of 2015. That leaves us around nine months to make our case to voters to elect SDP candidates into Parliament.

We have a mountain to climb. Our opponents have, to put it generously, an unfair advantage: They control the media; have, at their disposal, huge resources from the state; and bully and intimidate voters.

The task ahead, as you can see, is truly mammoth. If we delay our work or economise in our effort, we will wake up the day after polling to find that the PAP has retained all the seats. This will be disastrous for Singapore and her future, an outcome that none of us want to see.

So while we still can, while we still have time, let us roll up our sleeves and get to work. We are starting early so that when the whistle blows, we are prepared.

Go to our FB event page and make a commitment to come. We will run a brief workshop to equip you with the skills to help run the campaign.

Spread the word, don’t just come by yourselves. Bring your family and friends, colleagues and classmates along. Organise groups on your FB. Talk to your neighbours. Let’s get busy and turn this into a truly historic campaign.

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