SDP’s core values

Singapore Democrats

A political party must not exist only to win power. It must also have a firm regard for the values that it hopes society will embody.$CUT$

For the SDP, there is a set of core values which have shaped our party and guided us in word and deed. We present them here.


Equality forms the bedrock of a modern community. Equality does not mean making everyone the same, it means providing the equality of opportunity for everyone to excel and be the best that they can be. Without equal opportunity, especially in education, the chasm between the haves and the have nots will only grow wider and, worse, obliterate social mobility.


Compassion is about taking care of the weak. It defines us as humans. Neglecting our weak, the elderly, and our poor is not just bad politics, it’s also bad economics. That we are endowed with the ability to care for our weak, frail and less fortunate are virtues that we should celebrate, not shun. Compassion is what will keep greed from tearing our society asunder.

A government must have a strong sense of economic achievement tempered by an equally robust attitude of compassion. Only then can we ensure that prosperity reaches all.


The hallmark of a First World country is how the rule of law is upheld in society. Justice is how we, as a people, treat our fellow citizens.

Equality before the law is the mark of a just society. Discrimination against our fellow citizens whether it is in the social, economic and political sphere prevents justice from being served.


Without democracy and political rights, the people cannot speak up on everyday issues that affect them – issues such as the retention of our CPF savings, escalating, HDB prices, high cost of living, etc. It is the lack political freedoms in Singapore that have given rise to many of the problems we face today because of the PAP’s refusal to listen to the people.

Principled leadership

Politicians have acquired a bad reputation for cynically winning office at any price. This undermines confidence in the democratic process. Principled leadership is crucial to conduct government and retain public trust. In the long run political systems need principled leaders to enhance their societies.

These values underwrite the SDP’s foundation, they inform us in our policy making. From healthcare to education, housing to population growth, the core values form the basis of our policies.

If they are also the values you want to see in Singapore’s governance, come and join us at our GE2015 Campaign Kick-Off on 10 January 2015, Saturday, 2-5:30pm at the Holiday Inn Atrium, Changi 1 and 2, Level 2, Outram Road.

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