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Singapore Democrats

Dear friends,

The next GE is not far away. The SDP is stepping up our campaign to meet the challenge. We are committed to building a free, just and compassionate Singapore where a democratic government listens to the people.$CUT$

But we have a mountain to climb. The PAP has huge financial resources and the state machinery at its disposal. We are not deterred, however. We are confident that we can overcome Goliath – but only if each and every one of us do our part.

Singapore is at a cross roads. The PAP, with its continued authoritarian ways, is dragging Singapore in the wrong direction and making our country less and less liveable and the lives of Singaporeans more and more stressful.

On the other hand, the SDP has drawn up alternative policies and painted a new vision for our nation which will bring us renewed hope for our future – a democratic, dynamic and compassionate future.

We have been consistent, we have been honest, and we have worked hard to make this island that we call home a better and prouder one for all our fellow citizens.

We know you share this vision with us. We ask you to build it with us. Donate to our campaign. Don’t wait until the elections are called, by then it’ll be too late. Make your donation today.

If each and every one of us do our part, we can run a highly effective campaign and ensure that SDP candidates get elected. When that happens, your worries as well as your hopes will come with us into Parliament.

So, please, contribute to the cause. Remember, this is our country and our future. They are worth fighting for. Thank you.

Sincerely yours,

Chee Soon Juan


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