SDP to unveil plans for next GE at campaign launch

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will announce our programme for our campaign for the next general elections at our event launch this Saturday at the Holiday Inn Atrium.$CUT$

We will unveil our campaign slogan as well as the campaign message which will form the core communication platform for the next polls.

The party will also announce a series of activities that will be held throughout the year to celebrate our 35th anniversary. The party was founded in 1980. These activities will dovetail into our election plans and are designed to reinforce our effort to achieve success in the GE.

Another major item at the launch will be the announcement of our ground campaign plans, including the formation of constituency teams to spearhead our field work in the various housing estates.

The Campaign Kick-Off will also highlight our vision and alternative ideas for the country.

Party leaders, including Vice-Chairman John Tan, Policy Unit Head Dr James Gomez, Ground Operations Unit Bryan Lim, and Prof Paul Tambyah will be on hand to make the presentations.

We look forward to using the event as a start to building a campaign that will culminate in getting our candidates elected.

But this can only be achieved with the active involvement of Singaporeans. Success or failure of the SDP’s effort depends on our people helping out. It is crucial that all of our supporters and friends attend the event this Saturday, starting at 2pm and sign up to help.

There will be a training session conducted by Ms Chee Siok Chin, Head of the Training & Development Unit, to introduce and familiarise volunteers with the various aspects of our party and campaign.

We also ask everyone to donate to our campaign. Only with your financial contributions can we effectively reach out to all our constituents and present them our ideas and platform which they would otherwise not get just by reading and watching the state-controlled media.

The PAP has enormous resources, including the state apparatus, to conduct its campaign. The opposition is at a great disadvantage in this regard. But if the people of Singapore commit to helping the SDP rise to the challenge of building our vision of a democratic, just and compassionate, then nothing can stop us.

We have built a competent party structure, we have planned a winning strategy, and we have spelt out a clear, alternative vision for our country. All we need now is our fellow Singaporeans to step up and help secure a bright and democratic future for our nation. Join us!

SDP GE2015 Campaign Kick-Off
10 Jan, 2pm-5:30pm
Holiday Inn Atrium, Outram Road
Changi 1 and 2

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