SDP to publish town council management plans

Singapore Democrats

Founded on 6 August 1980, the SDP will celebrate our 35th anniversary this year. Party Vice-Chairman John Tan (below) announced that the celebration of SDP35 will consist of a series of activities culminating in the pre-election rally to be held in October.$CUT$

We kicked off the year with a bang with our GE2015 campaign launch last Saturday where we announced our campaign slogan: Your Voice in Parliament. We also plans to publish our town council management manifesto as well as economic policy paper (see below).

February: Economic policy paper

The SDP will launch our economic policy paper in which we highlight, among others, problems with CPF, income inequality, and economic transparency. More important, we propose realistic and comprehensive solutions for them.

March: Book on Chee Soon Juan

The SDP will launch a book on Dr Chee Soon Juan written by several of Dr Chee’s associates and friends. Much of the public’s understanding of the SDP Secretary-General has come from the state media’s negative coverage. The book will counter the PAP’s portrayal of Dr Chee by presenting the side which has, thus far, not been told.

April: 35 years – A Look Back

This event will showcase the SDP’s past achievements and take the public down memory lane. It will highlight the party’s ups and downs, and how the events have shaped us and made us stronger and more determined. The one-day event will include talks on SDP’s development, an exhibition of SDP’s work in photos and items, discussions about SDP’s past and how it will affect the future, etc.

May: SDP manifesto

The SDP will launch our manifesto for the coming general elections in May in which we spell out our vision and plans for the Singapore.

June: Town council management manifesto

The party will publish our town council management plans in which we will spell out concrete plans on how we will take over the town council and manage the transition of its operations of estates should we win. The manifesto will also lay out the blueprint of how the town council can better serve the people in the five years that the SDP is in charge.  

July: Constituency committees

As the momentum of our campaign picks up, the SDP will further organise our members and volunteers into constituency committees. These teams will develop plans and ground strategies to further enhance our outreach to voters.

August: Anniversary dinner

Singapore Democrats proudly celebrate our 35th year of standing up for Singapore since our founding in 1980. We will commemorate this exciting occasion by holding our anniversary dinner on 1 August.

October: Pre-election rally

All the above activities will culminate in our pre-election rally at Hong Lim Park where we will introduce potential candidates and issues for the GE.

Depending on when the PM announces the GE, we will also stage Exercise Lightning Block II where we conduct a trial run of the events on Nomination Day to ensure that our operations go off smoothly and without a hitch on the actual day. We did that in 2010 and it helped us run a great campaign in 2011. 

We have a full and exciting year ahead! Get involved, be a part of change! (Click here to volunteer). Also, donate to our campaign. Your financial support will help our candidates get elected. Thank you.