Senior management level occupy by foreigners

Dear Mr Chee,

I believe you are the only opposition person who can help bring this out into public views. The election is coming and Singaporeans need to know what’s happening to their employment potential.
I believe below is one of the many issues the PAP government is not willing to discuss openly.
The PAP government is contented to protect Singaporeans who are unskilled and occupy low level executives jobs in the employment markets. They are not willing to ensure executives level jobs, such as Managers, Directors, VP, SVP and EVP go to Singaporeans.
I know at least of one Multi National Corporation (MNC) in the IT industry employ 95% if not 100% foreign senior managements from the level of Managers upwards including Directors, Vice Presidents (VP), Senior Vice Presidents (SVP). This organization has at least the following foreigners occupying senior management positions and there is none Singaporean:

– 2 SVP, no Singaporean
– 8 VP, no Singaporean
– 5 Directors, no Singapore
– 4 Managers, no Singapore
– At least 13 foreign executives and only 4 Singaporeans

To ensure they can continue to hire foreign senior management and executives, they hire at least 1 Singaporean in various departments and hire all the rest foreigners. By doing this, they meet the requirement set by the PAP government.  Does this mean Singaporeans really don’t have such capabilities? 
But the PAP circumvents this by limiting the foreign salary threshold to max. S$12,000 per month. I think they should set the limit to S$20,000+ per month instead so that capable and eligible Singaporeans can have the opportunity to be in such roles.

Some MNC organization in Singapore whereas their businesses are managed via Business Units. They go around the requirement by having only the main business unit having some Singaporeans in their Business Units and employ many Singaporeans for mid-level management positions giving the appearance that these organizations are hiring many Singaporeans.

Also I believe the PAP government should set a minimum quota for every MNC to have at least 30% Singaporeans at Senior Management Levels and at least 15% senior matured employees.


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