SDP Operation Groundwork – full steam ahead

Singapore Democrats

SDP activists combing Ghim Moh estate in the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC during our weekly house visits as we continue with our campaign for the upcoming GE which we expect to be held later this year.$CUT$

We distributed flyers and our campaign message, promising voters that we will speak up for them on key issues like the CPF, HDB prices, and the overcrowding of this island.

Head of Ground Operations and SDP CEC member, Mr Bryan Lim, said: “Our ground activity is important for us to communicate our alternative ideas to residents and the key to victory at the next polls.”

He added that as the party expands the ground campaign will intensify. “That’s why it’s so important for our supporters to volunteer their effort and time, the more people we have the more residents we can reach.”

We have experienced a distinct shift in attitude of the general public. Whereas people were fearful and tentative before towards the SDP, residents are now openly welcoming us when we visit them.

The next elections are crucial as the SDP works to achieve a breakthrough to get into Parliament to effectively hold the PAP to account for its excesses and non-transparent governance.

But the SDP will not just be a check on the Government. We will also be a constructive opposition and table alternative policies to ease the hardship of ordinary Singaporeans in their everyday lives.

We will push for, among the many SDP policies, the return of our CPF funds, for affordable HDB prices, and reduced healthcare costs.

If you want to see us in the next Parliament to speak up for you and to break the PAP monopoly, then volunteer and join in the effort. Don’t just support us online, we need all the help we can get on the ground as well.

To volunteer, click here or email us at Join us for our Chinese New Year walkabout tomorrow.

Let’s get busy!

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