SDP continues to knock on doors for next GE

Singapore Democrats

Withholding our CPF savings, keeping the cost of living down, ensuring that foreigners don’t compete in employment – these are some of the issues that we raised during our weekly house visits.$CUT$

And what we heard back was Singaporeans feeling anxious about their economic and financial well-being in a city ranked as the most expensive in the world. 

A housewife in her 40s told us that even groceries now are more expensive. “I work in the supermarket and I see some of the poorer people having a hard time shopping for basic stuff,” she said.    

But many, if not most, residents are not online. They have little knowledge of what the SDP has done and is doing despite our presence on the Internet. This continues to be the PAP’s tactic: Keep the people uninformed and resigned.

While this may help the ruling party perpetuate its rule, it is Singapore and her people’s future that is going to suffer if such a situation persists. What Singapore needs now is not more state control over a fearful and disengaged people, but a free and open society abuzz with informed and intelligent citizens.

The only way to achieve this is to push the authoritarian boundaries set by the PAP and expand the political space in this country.

This is easier said than done, however. The PAP has tremendous resources at its disposal, much of it coming from the state. This is what the opposition is up against and this is why it is important that Singaporeans become active in the campaign for democracy, for our own future.

And the only way to do this is to reach out to voters by knocking on doors and explaining to them the need for an effective opposition in Parliament. 

The more volunteers we have to visit the residents, the more effectively we can spread our message and tell them of how their concerns can be addressed with SDP’s alternative ideas.

The SDP continues to work to spread the message and to be your voice in Parliament, but we cannot do this alone. We need the help of Singaporeans who want to see a better, more democratic future for our nation. Volunteer with us and let’s change Singapore.

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