“They give out in front and then pluck back from behind!”

Singapore Democrats

The SDP visited families living in one-room flats in Marsiling yesterday to spread a message of empowerment and hope to lower-income families.$CUT$

An indication of the difficulties of these families were clearly demonstrated by the fact that several of these units had paint splashed on their gates and doors – a clear sign of the prevalence of illegal loan sharks.

We also came across several units that had HDB eviction and debt collection notices pasted on the doors. A resident told us that his rent was $235 despite his difficulties making a living; he muttered a few expletives directed at the Government.

We came across two young Malay boys (no more than 5 or 6 years old) on their way out. We asked them where they were going.

“Downstairs,” one them replied.

“Going to buy lunch?” we enquired.

“No, we’re going to call our mother on the phone downstairs,” said the older brother, opening his hand to show us a couple of coins.

“So no one is home with you?”


“Have you had lunch,” we asked.

“Yes, Maggie noodles,” the younger boy answered before his older sibling pushed him along.

This is the side of Singapore people seldom see, the side where poverty bites hard and where people live in quiet but desperate resignation.

For decades this Government has neglected these folks, choosing instead to turn the country into a playground for the ultra-rich.

The SDP has a message for these Singaporeans: “Get us into Parliament and we will fight for you.”

We will work to reduce the gap between the rich and poor in Singapore. Having a government that neither cares nor understands the plight of the low-income Singaporeans (PAP continues to insist that households can survive and even own a flat on $1,000 a month) is a dangerous situation to have.

But what about the handouts that the Government recently promised? “Aiyah, they give out in front and then they pluck back from behind!” a resident shot back.

Indeed, Singaporeans know the ways of the PAP well.

More photos of SDP’s house-to-house visits and “Danny Cares” food distribution at Danny The Democracy Bear’s facebook photo album.

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