“Better to have anybody else other than Chee Soon Juan”

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Teacher, Thinker, Rebel, Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan is a new book written by several authors about Dr Chee Soon Juan to counter the decades of PAP smear campaign against the SDP leader.$CUT$

One of the contributors, Ms Constance Singam, wrote in her chapter that during the 2001 elections,

Goh [Chok Tong] denounced Dr Chee as “a dangerous man” and an “incorrigible liar”. Asked if he was concerned if Dr Chee entered Parliament, Goh declared: “…we must deny him that. Better to have anybody else other than Chee Soon Juan.”

Ms Singam also cited Mr Lee Kuan Yew calling Dr Chee a “political gangster” and noted in her chapter that

These strongly worded denouncements, coming from the most powerful individuals about one opposition politician who had neither the power nor the resources they had, should have led us Singaporeans to question the reasons for the attack.

Another contributor Dr Wong Souk Yee, NUS lecturer, playwright and ex-ISA detainee, recounts in her chapter Dr Chee’s fight for free speech and the establishment of Speaker’s Corner at Hong Lim Park:

Lee Kuan Yew was quoted in the New York Times that “if everybody just turns up at a busy junction and makes a speech and runs around…there would be pandemonium. We are not that kind of society.” The interviewer William Safire then asked Lee if Singapore would set up a place like London’s old Hyde Park Corner. To which, Lee unexpectedly, replied: “We’ll probably do it.”

Soon Juan’s first breakthrough came after eight years of roiling in Singapore’s political quagmire when Speaker’s Corner at Hong Lim Park opened on 1 September 2000.

These and other chapters written by 10 contributors will serve to counter the PAP’s demonisation of Dr Chee as well as provide insights into his actions in his fight for democracy in Singapore.

It should be read by all Singaporeans in the lead up to the next general elections. This is the first time the SDP secretary-general will be contesting after 15 years of being barred from running from office through a series of prosecutions and defamation suits brought on by the country’s three prime ministers.

The book will be launched next Saturday, 28 March 2015, 3pm at the Six Flavours Restaurant, NTU Alumni Club Building, 11 Slim Barracks Rise, Ground Floor (see map below).

To pre-order and reserve a copy, please click here or email us at: booksales@yoursdp.org

The book is retailed at $20 and proceeds from the sales will go into the SDP’s GE campaign. So get your copy and let’s get Dr Chee and SDP into Parliament!


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