Freedom of speech not for PAP to give

Singapore Democrats

The PAP Government continues to crack down on Singaporeans’ right to fundamental freedoms.$CUT$

The revocation of the use of Hong Lim Park, the prosecution of The Real Singapore bloggers, the arrests of two protesters outside the Istana, etc, in recent weeks are worrying indications that the PAP Government is trying to further stifle the development of democracy in this country.

Precisely at a time when Singapore needs to open up, the PAP is leading Singapore further down the path of authoritarianism. This will be severely detrimental to our nation’s progress.

Freedoms of speech and peaceful assembly are not privileges that the PAP bestows on the people, they are rights guaranteed under the constitution that no authority may remove. They are means by which the people hold their rulers accountable. Cracking down on these rights will allow the PAP even more autocratic power and to rule with even less transparency. This cannot be good for our future.

Our nation has entered a new era. For the sake of continued development, we need democratic reforms, we need political maturity and economic vitality.

The PAP’s economic strategy – based on extractive rather than inclusive institutions, perspiration rather than inspiration – has outlived its usefulness; it is living on borrowed time. Continuing to suppress democratic progress will further stifle innovation and enterprise, two ingredients that are key to economic success in today’s technology-driven world.

The PAP must not be encouraged to continue to take our country down this path. Singaporeans must reject such a move.


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