Overseas purchase of book, “Teacher Thinker Rebel Why?”


Hi Dr. Chee,

I am a Singaporean working and residing overseas, and I would really like to get your new book, “Teacher Thinker Rebel Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan”. Unfortunately I would not be back home anytime soon. is there a way that I can purchase it online?

I thank you for keeping the fire of authentic democracy flaming high and standing your ground despite the extreme harsh injustice rendered.

I must confess that I was a victim of the MSM and believed that you were a trouble maker. However, since moving overseas and watching 2011 General Elections from afar (I was planning to come back to vote but unfortunately my Constituency was not contested, the only one then, guess you know which one), I began to take a deeper look into the various political parties in Singapore and read much more widely.

I concluded then that either you were a real lunatic or the only real deal that could bring real democracy and sound policies to Singapore through SDP.

Reading “Democratically Speaking” also opened my mind dramatically. I find SDP’s political stance and policies the most aligned to my beliefs and values.

I sincerely hope that SDP and you will be able to enter parliament to speak for us after the next GE and continue to pray for that to happen.

Ng S T

Online Purchase of SDP’s latest book,
“Teacher Thinker Rebel Why? Portraits of Chee Soon Juan”:


You can purchase it online on SDP’s website (link below): http://atomic-temporary-180715253.wpcomstaging.com/index/buy/0-13

For posting the book to an overseas address, please click on & drag down the payment window to choose your postal region ($20 for the book, plus its regional postage), and fill in your mailing address. The book will be sent by Singapore Post.


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