SDP intensifies ground campaign, calls for more volunteers

Singapore Democrats

There is every likelihood that PM Lee Hsien Loong will call for the general elections this year. This means that the SDP has only months to prepare for the watershed polls.$CUT$

We are out in force combing the estates and visiting homes to drive our campaign message home. And that message is that we need change – change from the policies that are hurting Singaporeans and taking Singapore down the wrong path.

We cannot wait until the GE is called. By then, the elections would have been lost.

We need to start now, right now. There is much ground to cover and many voters to reach out to. Our Ground Operations and Training & Development Units are ready to sign you up and deploy you on the various exercises that we are conducting.

We are intensifying our effort, knocking on doors twice a week in the last two weeks – and we need your active support.

Residents at the various estates – Ghim Moh, Dover and Marsiling – continue to welcome the SDP.

A resident chased after our members, Mani and Steven, to offer them cans of Red Bull drink. He expressed his enthusiasm about the SDP speaking up for the man-in-the-street.

Another elderly resident recognised our party and the fact that we are led by Dr Chee Soon Juan.

“I don’t care if Chee Soon Juan is a Dr or not,” the man said, “he has gone through severe hardship trying to speak up for us, it is only right that we should support him.”

A young Malay resident who had just joined the workforce two years after his graduation, shared with us that, at his workplace, foreign workers are paid much more than the local ones doing the same job.

He also revealed that when he meets up with his peers, they often talk about the escalating prices of HDB flats and high cost of living.

However, not all were supportive of the opposition. One resident told us that even though she is sympathetic of what we are doing, she does not want to jeopardise her rice bowl as a civil servant. We assured her that many civil servants have voted for the opposition before (in fact, some have volunteered with us) and nothing has happened to them because the vote is secret.

Another resident gave us an earful about not “rocking the boat”. We listened patiently to the tirade and assured him that we only wanted what’s best for Singapore.

After he finished, his son came up and signed up for our e-newsletter. “Don’t worry, I support you,” the younger man said.

Another household expressed that not everyone in their home was supportive of the opposition. “There are eight of us here. Only one is a PAP supporter – our father,” she told our activists, and then added, “but he passed away last year.”

So clearly things are a-changing in Singapore. But we cannot sit and wait for change to happen. We must work for it and you – our friends and supporters – can ensure that change comes by getting the SDP into Parliament.

So please volunteer. Sign up with us today. Don’t wait any longer, the longer we wait the more time we lose to ensure victory at the polls. Come and help us to be Your Voice in Parliament. Click here or email us at