SDP to set new standards in transparency in running a town council

Singapore Democrats

As part of our preparation for the upcoming general elections, the SDP will announce our plans for running the town council should we be successful at the next polls.$CUT$

The paper titled A Promise to the Residents: SDP’s Town Council Management Plans will be launched next Saturday, 16 May 2015. It will carry details about how the party will takeover from the outgoing management and how we intend to run the estate.

Our goal is to set new standards for transparency and accountability in estate governance. We look forward to pioneering a new model of town council management where residents are involved in the planning and running of their community.

To achieve this, the SDP will democratically engage residents in the running of their homes, that is, we will set aside a portion of town-councillor positions to be elected by their fellow residents. We do this because:

One, such a practice is part of the SDP’s plan to democratise governance at the national level, and we aim to start the process from the ground up.

Two, our goal is to foster a community, not just run an estate, where our residents are actively involved in creating an environment where people find meaning and belonging.

Three, taking such an approach will set a precedent for transparent governance in Singapore. The SDP has been calling for the PAP to embrace transparency and accountability, especially when it comes to the running of the GIC and Temasek Holdings.

We intend to pursue this matter in Parliament if our candidates are elected. In order to hold the Government to an aceptable standard, the SDP must practice what we preach, that is, we must set for ourselves a high standard of transparent and accountable governance. The details will be announced at the launch.

We make our goals and plans clear in this document because we want Singaporeans to track the promises and commitments that we make. It is only through such a process that we can elevate political governance in Singapore.

Event: Launch of SDP’s Town Council Management Plan
Date: 16 May 2015, 2pm
Venue: The Agora, Blk 28 Sin Ming Lane, #03-142 Midview City, Singapore 573972

All are welcome