The reason SDP is coming up with our town council blueprint

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The SDP will announce the details of how we will takeover from the outgoing Town Council (TC) administration and how we intend to ensure that we hit the ground running.$CUT$

We will do this during our launch of A Promise To The Residents: The SDP Town Council Management Plan this Saturday, 16 May (see details below).

The blueprint will spell out specific tasks that will be undertaken as well as objectives that will be met over the crucial takeover period. This will include what the SDP MPs will do during the first 3 days, first 30 days and first 100 days.

We have also identified various TC departments and their oversight committees charged with specific tasks to effect a smooth and uneventful transition should we be successful at the next general elections.

We have even gone to the extent of identifying highly qualified and experienced professionals who are able to oversee and execute the plans.

The management plan has taken almost a year to from conception to fruition. We have spent much time and energy to sort out the details of taking over and running a town council for two reasons:

One, voters at the next elections have the right to know exactly what to expect and how their TCs would be managed should they elect the SDP.

Two, the blueprint will serve as a manual for our MPs and staff so that each individual knows exactly what is expected of them and the tasks they have to carry out especially during the crucial initial phase.

The SDP will field a slate of candidates who will not only be able to perform their duties as parliamentary representatives but also function as effective administrators of the TC. An equally important role of an SDP MP is to become a friend of the communities we serve.

Our goal is to surpass current levels of performance of PAP-run town councils and set new standards for transparency and accountability in estate governance.

We also look forward to pioneering a new model of town council management where residents are involved in the planning and running of their community.

We make our goals and plans clear in this document because we want Singaporeans to track the promises and commitments that we make.

It is only through such a transparent process that we can elevate politics and governance in Singapore, and take our nation to a future full of hope and confidence.

A Promise To The Residents: The SDP Town Council Management Plan
Date: 16 May 2015, Saturday, 2pm
Venue: The Agora, Blk 28 Sin Ming Lane, #03-142, Midview City

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