Authorities must ensure that Trivelis residents are accorded fair treatment

Singapore Democrats

The on-going problems that residents at the Trivelis are experiencing with their new Design, Build and Sell Scheme (DBSS) flats, a scheme of the HDB, must be addressed by the proper authorities.$CUT$

It seems that the host of defects of the flats are serious and fall far short of the quality promised by the developer, EL Development (ELD), which has resulted in many of the owners having to spend money to rectify the faults.

The area’s MP, Ms Sim Ann, has said that she would like to see ELD make a “meaningful gesture” to the residents.

The SDP will wait to see what this “gesture” is but cautions that the problems that the residents have raised so far which include flooding of the corridors, unsightly placement of drainage pipes, poor quality floor finishings, easily breakable bathroom glass panes, defective kitchen appliances etc, require more than just gestures.

Some residents have even called for monetary compensation to defray costs incurred from the added renovations and repairs.

The buyers of the Trivelis apartments paid good money for their properties, some have even sunk thair life’s savings into the flats. They have every right to expect their new homes to be of the standard and quality they were promised at the point of purchase.

Depending on what the developers response is, the Ministry of National Development may have to step in to ensure that the matter is dealt with equitably and that the residents get what they were promised.

The SDP will continue to monitor the situation.

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