SDP draws up procedure for seamless takeover of TC

Singapore Democrats

There has been much concern about the handover process of Town Council (TC) management to the opposition if the PAP loses the seat.$CUT$

Such fears are largely unfounded if the take-over party plans for the eventuality and develops a procedure to handle the task.

The SDP will establish a Transition Team within three working days following the election to effect the take-over process.

The Team will retain existing staff, recuiting new employees only if the staff members express a desire to leave.

Oversight Committees (OCs), comprising independent professional consultants, will be formed to oversee the work of the professional staff.

Such a set-up where elected officials, professional consultants and TC staff work hand-in-glove will ensure high-quality and effective management.

The SDPTC will run a blog that will be updated daily to explain to the public the handover process and the level of cooperation of the out-going PAP town council.

The TC will also conduct a public forum at the conclusion of the handover process to keep residents informed of the state of affairs and to address any outstanding issues between the incoming and outgoing administrations.

The former PAP town council will be invited to attend the forum and address the residents.

By the first 100 days of the SDPTC, residents can expect the following milestones:

  1. A comprehensive report of the transition and handover processes,

  2. A fully established TC and integrated management teams,

  3. A clear budgetary plan,

  4. The first financial interim report,

  5. The work-plan for the first 12 months of TC operations,

  6. A programme of activities aimed at empowering residents,

  7. Smooth and functional IT systems,

  8. First evaluations and reviews of existing contracts and contractors, and

  9. A set of effective maintenance strategies

With such a plan in place, the SDP is well-placed to ensure that the changeover from a PAP TC to an SDP one is seamless with minimal disruption to TC services.

Read the entire paper A Promise To The Residents: The SDP Town Council Management Plan here.

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