S’poreans should worry about questionable pro-PAP research conclusions

Singapore Democrats

Recent statements by research organisations Blackbox Research and BMI Research read more like PAP campaign messages than objective opinion polls.$CUT$

BlackBox headlined its findings “Election Talk: PAP in Best Position since GE 2011” and BMI said: “Momentum Shifting Back To PAP As Elections Loom”

The conclusions are themselves questionable. For example, Blackbox did not weight the importance of the categories. It is unlikely that Singaporeans give the same importance to ‘Moral Standards’ (whatever definition was given to this item) than, say, ‘Cost of Living’.

Given the seriousness of escalating living expenses and stagnant wages in Singapore, it would be surprising if Singaporeans did not attach much more significance to the cost of living. And yet, the overall conclusion is that PAP is in the “best position since the last GE”.

Needless to say, state-owned newspapers and the broadcast media were only too happy to run with these conclusions.

It is this attempt to sway public opinion towards the PAP through doubtful research conclusions – rather than reality on the ground – that concerned Singaporeans should be wary of.

Coupled with the expected National Day propaganda, there is a real danger that the PAP will distract the population from their everyday difficulties.

The opposition is, however, not helpless. We have the means to counter the PAP’s strategem. We have the most effective weapon that no poll or propaganda can blunt: You.

The people, thinking and concerned people, is the only assurance that we have to halt and even push back the PAP-cum-State machinery.

If enough Singaporeans step forward to get actively involved in bringing positive change to our nation, then nothing can stop Singapore from progressing.

We need you, our friends and supporters, to help us visit households and talk to residents about the SDP’s message.

Don’t wait for your friend or your neighbour, and don’t put it off till tomorrow. Volunteer today. If we wait until elections are called to start working, we would have lost the battle.

We have good alternative policies, a well thought-out strategy, and committed members. All we need now is you. We are standing by to sign you up. Do it now, do it here.

We also need funds to run an effective campaign and to spread the message. Please donate here.


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