Residents continue to open up to SDP

Singapore Democrats

Compared to even the last elections, Singaporeans are indeed becoming more receptive to the SDP and our message.$CUT$

The good folks at Bukit Panjang openly welcomed us when we visited them yesterday during our weekly house-visit – as they have on previous occasions.

It is gratifying when Singaporeans see that we have been working hard to champion issues that they are concerned about. One auntie invited our members in for a drink.

We witnessed the usual share of residents, who are nearing their retirement, upset that their CPF savings would be withheld. One resident said that he was afraid of retiring because he had little financial security.

Another resident complained about the frequent breakdown of the MRT system as well as the unreliability of the LRT in Bukit Panjang.

A young mother complained about the lack of childcare amenities in the area as well as the overall high childcare costs.

One Malay household was enthusiastic to see us. “Thank God I see you guys here!” he exclaimed, “I was afraid that the opposition will not contest this ward.”

As we chatted, we learned of his plight that we have heard many times before. He lives with his sister as he had sold off his flat to help pay his mum’s medical bills. She is suffering from kidney problems which were exacerbated by heart disease; the medical bills are piling up.

This is why SDP is proposing under our National Healthcare Plan that the Government relieves the financial burden on Singaporeans by paying its fair share of the nation’s healthcare costs.

Government’s in developed economies pay about 70 percent of the healthcare expenditure whereas the PAP Government pays only 30 percent.

We hear your concerns, we understand your worries. We want to help. But we can only do so if we get into Parliament.

We are working hard for victory at the next polls and we urge our friends and supporters to join in the effort to help us succeed.

With elections expected to be held this year, we have just a few months to persuade residents to support change and keep democracy alive in Singapore!

Please volunteer today and be the change you want to see.