A Look Back – SDP to hold exhibition

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will be 35 on 6 August 2015. As part of our celebrations, we will hold an exhibition on 21 June 2015 to highlight the milestones of our development as well as the contributions we have made through the three-and-a-half decades.$CUT$

From the earliest moments when the party was founded, through the tumultuous months when founding secretary-general Mr Chiam See Tong left the SDP, and the subsequent rise again of the Singapore Democrats, the journey of the SDP will be narrated through videos, photographs, display of historic items.

Titled A Look Back – 35 years Of Democratic Service, the event will also host a panel to discuss the eventful history of the SDP and the role it plays in today’s political landscape.

There were many firsts of the SDP: For example, we were the first opposition party to start a youth wing and a women’s wing, first to capitalise on the Internet tools such as podcasting and Youtube, and first to use colour polo-shirts as a party uniform.

On weightier matters, we challenged the PAP on issues such a the people’s rights, healthcare subsidies, housing prices, the economy, etc.

On all these matters, we have maintained the principled position of fighting for a transparent government that respects the rights of the people and that cares for their well-being. In other words, we put the people first.

This exhibition-cum-forum will highlight a party that embodies the can-do spirit. We have withstood everything the PAP has thrown at us and grown stronger. Our resolve to do right by our people and to bring democracy to our shores has never been more robust.

So come and join us on 21 June, Sunday, at the Holiday Inn Atrium, Havelock Road starting at 2pm, and help us celebrate 35 years of loyal and democratic service to our fellow Singaporeans.

And we look forward to 35 more – in Parliament!

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