SDP to highlight its history, use foundation as strength for GE

Singapore Democrats

“The Opposition does not see any duty to bring people together, solve problems and plan for the future,” Mr Lee Hsien Loong told his party members last year.$CUT$

This is completely untrue. It is also the reason why the SDP is organising an exhibition cum discussion to remind the people of the contributions that the Singapore Democrats have made in the 35 years of our existence.

The event, to be held on 21 June 2015 at the Holiday Inn Atrium, is part of the commemoration of SDP’s 35th anniversary.

A Look Back35 years Of Democratic Service will highlight our party’s many contributions to Singapore. There have even been several policy areas that we have pushed that the PAP has adopted.

For instance, we spoke up forcefully regarding the CPF Minimum Sum Scheme even when it was first introduced. The PAP has now promised to review the system, albeit in a less-than-genuine attempt at heeding the people’s wishes.

Another example is the call to stop the streaming of pupils at the primary school level which the government subsequently abandoned.

These and other issues clearly show that the SDP has, through the decades, worked hard to listen to the people and come up with solutions to the problems PAP has created.

These will be showcased and discussed at the exhibition.

As the next general elections are looming, we will also use the occasion talk about how the SDP can use this foundation to project our strength to win over the voting public.

In addition, it will be an excellent opportunity for our supporters to come to get to know us even better. It is only through knowing the history of a party that one can be sure of what it stands for.

We need all the help we can get from the people to make meaningful change in this crucial elections. What better way than to actively support a party of principle, a party that has not flinched from speaking up for you all these years.

So come and sign up to help in this GE – and make the SDP your voice in Parliament for the next 35 years.

Event: A Look Back – 35 years Of Democratic Service
Date: 21 June 2015, Sunday
Time: 2-5pm
Venue: Holiday Inn Atrium, Outram Road

Admission is free. All are welcome.

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