Singapore Democrats cover more ground

Singapore Democrats

The closer the elections, the harder we push on the ground. This week alone, we will visit the Holland-Bukit Timah GRC twice – this Sunday at the Sunset Way estate.$CUT$

Members and volunteers keep up with the task of knocking one door at a time to convince the people of the need to get SDP into Parliament to speak up for them.

But the road is long and arduous. Many Singaporeans are still affected by the intimidation. One middle-aged lady said that she feared that voting for the opposition would affect her HDB loan which was approved only after a lengthy appeal.

In another rather unusual scnenario, a young man brushed us aside, saying that he was a PAP supporter. But his dad, who told us that he is a firm SDP supporter, welcomed us.

During our chat, he revealed that he had been following Dr Chee Soon Juan’s political journey and recounted how Dr Chee had always spoken up for the people. He even recounted the episode when the SDP secretary-general spoke up at a Cost Review Committee in the 1990s, criticising the high cost of living in Singapore.

Of course there was no Internet then and the PAP used these occasions to attack Dr Chee and turn the people against him.

Another resident said he attended our rally in 2011 and bought Dr Chee’s books. He distributed the books to the rally-goers but was questioned by the police for doing so. This is how voters have been intmidated through the years.

The opposition in Singapore continues to labour under an oppressive and undemocratic system. We must overcome this and we can only do it if the people of this country step forward and commit themselves to making changes.

We urge our fellow Singaporeans to join in the effort to make Singapore a better and more democratic society. Please volunteer with the SDP, a party that stands up for you. Contact us at


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