20 years ago, we warned…

Singapore Democrats

Through the years, the SDP has been warning Singaporeans about the PAP making life more and more difficult for them.$CUT$

We did this in the various issues of our newspaper The New Democrat. We warned repeatedly that without the SDP in Parliament, the PAP would rule without regard to the well-being of the people.

But because of the monopoly of the media and the absence of the Internet, the PAP was able to mislead Singaporeans. 

Today, we see the situation deteriorating and the lives of our people much worse off. For example, 20 years, ago we warned about rising HDB prices

Today, HDB prices have escalated beyond what average Singaporeans, especially the younger ones, can afford.

20 years ago, we pleaded with Singaporeans not to allow the PAP to withhold their CPF money.

Today, the Government has quadrupled the Minimum Sum to $161,000 (from $40,000).

20 years ago, we cautioned SMEs about the high cost of doing business in Singapore.

Today, we read reports of businesses closing down one after another: Carrefour, Banquet Foodcourt, Five Stars Tours, Eng Wah Cinemas, Zhen Zhou Dao Restaurant, just to name a few.

20 years ago, we raised the issue about the liberal importation of foreign workers.

Today, we find our island flooded with foreigners, many with dubious qualifications and talent. 

20 years ago, we told Singaporeans that their wages were too low and cost of living too high.

Today, we find that income inequality has worsened, and while we have become the most expensive city in the world, our wages, especially those of the lower half of society, have stagnated if not diminished.

Don’t let the next 20 years be a repeat of the last 20 years. Get the SDP into Parliament!

Join us tomorrow as we take A Look Back at SDP’s 35 Years of Democratic Service while, at the same time, prepare for the future.

A Look Back – 35 Years of Democratic Service

Date:   21 June 2015, Sunday
Time:   2.00pm
Venue: Holiday Inn Singapore Atrium (the old Glass Hotel)
           Seletar Room, Level 3, Outram Road

Free admission. All are welcome.

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