Democrats harness new technology for ground campaign

Singapore Democrats

The SDP is constantly upgrading the way we do things. Our Ground Operations Unit is employing new technology to communicate with residents.$CUT$

The smartphone has become an indispensable tool when we conduct our house visits.

As a result, hundreds of residents (and counting) in our constituencies have joined in the conversation with the SDP, both online and off. 

We’re not only working hard, but also working smart. Getting residents on our communication channels means that not only are we widening our grassroots network but also getting Singaporeans involved in their own communities. 

As stated in our SDP Town Council Management Plan, we want to involve residents more in running their own towns and this is a great way to start.

As we become interlinked with the people we speak up for and the constituencies we serve, this can only help to build a better people-MP relationship. It will also mean a more transparent and accountable way Town Councils are run.

The SDP fully intends to keep up with new developments in the communications sphere, so that we can be a competent party to better serve the people. 

We take the Competent in our motto – Competent, Constructive, Compassionate – seriously.

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