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Singapore Democrats

Members and volunteers of the SDP are out and about, knocking on doors and garnering support for the party as the general elections loom close.$CUT$

We’re spreading the message that the people need a competent, constructive, and compassionate voice in Parliament.

We have an uphill task ahead. With the state-controlled print and broadcast media praising the PAP on a daily basis for the last half-a-century, many Singaporeans have been misled to think that a one-party rule is good for Singapore and her future.

We need to explain and persuade the electorate that authoritarian rule is not not for the country and that Singapore needs democracy to continue our progress.

Without democracy, we cannot become a well-informed society. This will retard our collective intellectual development which will be bad for our economic growth as we go forward.

To do this, we have to visit as many residents as we can and talk with them in person, so that they will see the importance of supporting the SDP. 

This is why we call for our supporters and friends to come forward and help us campaign. We need all the hands and legs we can get to visit as many residents as possible between now and election day.  

The main issues which continue to concern Singaporeans such as the cost of living, the withholding of our CPF savings through the Minimum Sum Scheme and the lax immigration policy need to addressed in Parliament. 

Without a strong and effective voice, Singaporeans will continue to suffer the consequences of the PAP’s ill-considered policies.

So let’s help ourselves and our country by getting active and campaigning for the SDP in this most crucial GE. Sign up today and we will get in touch with you. 

Email us or click here.  


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