Incredible that PM kept EBRC appointment a secret

Singapore Democrats

It is shocking that Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong chose not to announce the Electoral Boundaries Review Committee when he appointed it two months ago.$CUT$

He revealed the formation of the EBRC only in Parliament today. Such a non-transparent approach to elections continues to tilt the playing field heavily in the PAP’s favour.

Add to this the secretive way the constituencies are formulated and we have the perfect example of an undemocratic ruling party out to ensure victory at all cost and with little regard for the views of the people.

The SDP calls on Mr Lee to ensure that at least two months are given from the time of the announcement of the new boundaries to the dissolution of Parliament. 

There should also be ample time of at least three weeks for official campaigning which is in keeping with international democratic norms.

Any less than these time frames will signal that the PAP is unrepentant of its former ways – despite the apologies and tears in the last general elections – and therefore nervous about a fair competition for votes.

The PAP may continue with its tactic of announcing the boundaries at the last possible moment and give the least amount of time for official campaigning.

This will benefit the PAP at the expense of Singaporeans for the results will not be a true reflection of the will of the people. In the long-run, it will be Singapore that suffers.