A Toast To The Future

Singapore Democrats

Come celebrate with us our 35th Anniversary Dinner on 15 August 2015. It’s been 35 years of meaningful and democratic service for our nation.$CUT$

Through the years we’ve remained faithful to our principle of speaking up for the voiceless and standing up for the powerless. We’ve stayed true to the cause of democracy and we’ve never wavered from working for what is just and right. 

Even when it was not popular to do so, we fought for freedom of speech for our people. We did this because leaders cannot always do only the popular, sometimes we must also do what is important that others may not see.

With the general elections around the corner, we will cross another landmark – and it will be an important one, both for our nation and for the party. 

We’re gearing up and putting the machinery’s nuts and bolts in place. But no matter how well we plan, we cannot succeed without the people’s support. 

We hope you will give our quest to get into Parliament an even greater boost by attending our Dinner. Singapore’s future depends on how we fare at the elections.

Let us look forward to a future full of hope and promise. Let us raise our hearts and pledge A Toast To The Future.    

Event: A Toast To The Future – SDP’s 35th Anniversary Dinner
Venue: Imperial Treasure, Chinese Swimming Club, Recreation Complex, 34 Amber Road
Date: 15 August 2015 (Saturday)
Time: 7pm

For tickets ($70 per person), please email: sdp@yoursdp.org


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