Hoping for a better Singapore

Dear Dr Chee,

I truly hope you can squeeze time to read this email and if you do, Thank You So Much.

I’m a 29 yrs old Singaporean and I have decided to stay away from knowing anything about politics and did not see/feel myself as a Singaporean ever since I felt that I am a visitor in my own country. No matter what we say or do, the government will never take it into consideration. We are prisoners in our own country.

I missed the time we Singaporeans gather together as one and I missed having a government we can be proud of.

This coming GE, I truly hope for a better Singapore. I want us to be together as one and move forward.

I know you have went through a lot (including your family), I have always respected you for your drive. I just want to wish you ALL THE BEST and may you have the strength to fight for us, Singaporeans.

May God blessed you and your family, Sir. Take care of your health and let’s fight on!



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