A Visit to Resident’s Home in Senja Way

SDP candidates, Paul Tambyah and Khung Wai Yeen were welcomed at house visits at Senja Way, Holland Bukit Timah GRC last night. One of the residents they met was Mr Cruz, a new citizen who has lived in Singapore for 20 years and has voted in two general elections. He and his wife invited them into his home for conversation over the coming election and issues which residents hope will be raised by them in Parliament.


Mr Cruz’s hopes for the elections are that the concerns of the people will be genuinely reflected in Parliament. He shared with the candidates, that the high cost of living in Singapore is the issue that concerned him the most. He has little savings and fears uncertainty, especially in the face of unexpected emergencies. Like many residents in the area, he has also been affected by the recent frequent MRT breakdowns. Senja is an estate that depends heavily on the train and LRT network in Singapore, and the falling standards of public transport in Singapore have been a source of much frustration. 


SDP candidate Khung Wai Yeen had the opportunity to share some of the SDP policy positions relevant to the issues he raised. Mr Cruz wondered aloud why the government did not work with the opposition when there was a clear need to embrace diversity and work out what is best for the country! To him, the current system lacks check the crucial checks and balances needed to keep the nation on the right track.  


Like many fellow Singaporeans both “new” and “old”, Mr Cruz has been discussing the elections intensely amongst his friends. He asked what differences SDP will make if they are voted into Parliament. Paul responded that although SDP is only fielding 11 candidates in this election, they can be an effective check on the government.  As parliamentarians, they would be able to scrutinise proposed legislation, raise important issues for discussion and propose new legislation which they feel would be good for Singapore. On a municipal level, he pointed out that the SDP town council plan would allow residents to get involved and meaningfully participate in their community.


The SDP wants to work with everyone who cares about the future of Singapore. We are happy that there are immigrants like Mr Cruz and his family who have assimilated into our society and want to make things better for all of us.


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