Why we kept pushing for this

Singapore Democrats

The ‘this’ refers to minimum wage which the PAP Government implemented yesterday but refused to acknowledge it calling it…$CUT$

The SDP had campaigned for minimum wage since the late 1990s, and formally put it on our agenda in the 2001 general elections, even before it was popular.

We raise this issue because we want to let Singaporeans know that in the past the PAP has assailed us for pushing a bad idea. Quote.

Today, it has acknowledged that the idea is right and implemented it.

Our intention is to highlight this fact that if our minimum wage proposal is good for Singaporeans, what about our other policies such as our proposal for a universal healthcare system, our call for the Non-Open Market flat scheme, and our Singaporeans First policy?

The problem with our political system is that the state media censors much of the news and policies of the opposition and, as a result, Singaporean voters don’t know that there are alternative policies that they can vote for.

In the meantime, in the case of minimum, our poorest segment of society has had to endure more that 10 years before there are paid their due.

How years more do Singaporeans have to go through paying high medical bills, contending with unaffordable HDB flats and facing unfair competition from foreigners in the job market? The media is still reluctant to provide proper coverage for these alternative plans and bringing them to the attention of our people.

And because of this we want to alert our supporters and right-thinking Singaporeans to help us spread the word about the SDP and our policies so that they become knowledgeable voters at the next elections.

Unlike in 2001, we have the Internet now. We shouldn’t have to wait for another 10 years to get these policies become reality.



It has a general breaking down of management at the highest level both at the political and bureacratic elites that have demonstarted that such an elite mindset is not working for Singapore. It is all too clear that as we head into the future, there is a need for a fundamental shift in the the thinking of our nation’s leaders. social divide inevitable Lee kuan yew

SDP has come up with a philosophy, an outlook on what our society should look like 5, 10, 20 years from now and we craft our policies which hang on this philosophy so that it makes sense and consistent with our party values.

Without it, we are aimlessly wandering without an anchor and

poverty of spirit and paucity of humility and graciousness.


It’s not that they have failed in their education but our education has failed them

Nothing is set. Everything can change, in fact, everything will change. But if we want it to change for the better, we had better not just sit back and wait for someone else to do it. 


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