Uthesh letter

Hi Sir,
This message is intended to Dr Chee. 
My name is Uthesh and I am from NUS 4th year undergraduate. I was reading through the sdp’s policy plans on the sdp homepage and was amazed. These plans seems like it will make Singapore the most ideal place for us, Singaporeans. From education to housing I am favouring all the policies that the sdp has formulated.
I am always a fan of your dedicated team and also learnt the other day that one of my previous lecturer Dr Wong Souk Yee is standing as a candidate at my GRC itself! I had a nice chat with her two days before at yew tee mrt station.
The journey has been tough for you. Nevertheless you have stood firm with your stand and fought your way for us. I respect that and admire your courage and fighting spirit. Today I will be there at the CCK stadium to hear the sdp rally! I would also like to make a humble request if there would be any chance for me to speak to you sir before the rally more about the sdp plans!
Thank you once again for your determination and commitment for the Nation.