Letter from a student

Dear SDP,

I am just a student who is 19 this year, hence I am not able to vote for this upcoming General Election. I come from a very average family and my parents do not have any diploma certificates but just O’ level certificates which you can roughly estimate how much they earn. My dad works from 6am to 6pm daily just for the family. Have got to admit that I am not political type of person and I am not well with my language too, however I do want to stand up for my friends, my families and myself.

The government says that we are the future of Singapore but as a student now, I am already being stressed up with my academic and as well as my future and yet the PAP says that they care for everyone in Singapore but in truth, do they really put themselves in the shoes of a teenager as well? As a 19 year old boy, I calculate my daily expenses which is just food and on average, I spend at LEAST $15 in school every day due to 8am – 5pm class. So how much do you think I can save now? The government urge Singaporeans to have more babies to increase the population of Singapore, however, how are supposed to have babies when starting a family would be a problem for most of the average income families now? Also, we still have to at least have a degree certificate in order to survive in this society right now. With all these calculations which includes National Service, how old would we be in order to have a baby which we are capable of raising him/her up?

My family does not own any cars but whenever I meet up with relatives, they would complain over cars expenses, work, studies etc. The government came up with policies for cars such as COE and ERP now, raising a car (for 10 years only) is near to the price of having half a HDB flat and according to the government, the reason they gave was limited area within Singapore. A place to stay is very important but transportation to destination is also important as punctuality, efficiency is affected. From what I can see, instead of making full use of the whole Singapore, I can only see houses being built everywhere every day, but traffic jam still remains everyday on my way to school. Some days on my way to and fro the interchange, I would see cars being jammed along the small road and the reason of the car jam is because of the barrier of the car gantries not able to function well at times. Sometimes, I could even see broken barriers at the side of the road, cars horning most of the time and sometimes I would even see people quarrelling just because of the gantry. (Is this your so called understanding of Singaporean?) Is the barrier of the gantries to collect money or the harmony of Singaporeans more important?

Alcohol and Cigarettes are really bad for health, (no offends to alcoholics or smokers) but with the high taxes of it does the amount of Singaporeans stop drinking or smoking? I know E-cigarettes are harmful to health and banned in Singapore, but honestly speaking would E-cigarettes be more healthier for the surrounding people of the smoker or the normal cigaratte and does that mean that normal cigarettes is not harmful to health? (this is the point which I don’t understand as a Singaporean though I am not a smoker) Medical expenses is another problem, with the weather in Singapore, even the yearly haze and not having sufficient rest due to work, stress just leads to illness.

The government came up with policies which help the pioneer generation but teenagers like us would spend an average of $40 just for an MC and a couple of types of medication in a clinic. Are the pioneer generation the only Singaporeans? Do you think the recent policies would help the future generation? Honestly speaking, as a student now, I myself would find that these policies does help but doesn’t remove the root of high expenses still in Singapore.

I have watched these few days rally shows on television and made me realized that the PAP likes to dig out the past of opposition parties unpleasant past, as a leader of Singapore, I think winning with glory is needed. The Opposition parties pinpoint problems in Singapore, not problem with your opponents past. How do even trust our votes to you when what you doing is for Singapore, the country itself, not the Singaporeans living in Singapore. I am really very worry of my future and as well as the future of Singapore because this is the country which I am going to spend for the rest of my life.

I had managed to convince my parents to vote for Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) for my area, I really hope that many of us would vote for the opposition party as I really think that our future generation is at stake if our expenses continues to go up.



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