Danny Cares food distribution

Singapore Democrats

Food Distribution – 17 May 2015 (Sponsored by anonymous)

We were surprisingly greeted warmly by the residents. Most were already waiting for us at the void deck at 11 am.

It is most heartening that besides having more new registrations, we also have some coming from as far as Block 16 & Block 22. While we are there, we also received some thumb-ups from the residents.

I had one malay lady who came to hug me and thanked us for the compassion shown. It is one of the best feel good feeling I had ever had. We will be distributing again on 31st May, 2012 (Sponsored by anonymous).

Informing the newly registered residents our next date and time. The lady standing next to me had volunteered to help for the next distribution. She is from Block 16.

According to sources, this sweet old little lady does not take to people easily. Makcik used to collect cardboards for a living but now walking with difficult. Do you think she look intimidating?

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