Education Ministers say no to SDP speaking to students

Singapore Democrats

Dear Dr Wong (Souk Yee),

Thank you for your email to Acting Ministers Ng Chee Meng and Ong Ye Kung.

We have considered the appeal from the SDP, but we believe that the interests of students are best served by upholding schools as neutral places of learning. For this reason, we have for decades not allowed political parties entry into our schools.

We thus cannot allow SDP’s request to hold talks in schools.

There is no change of policy where the universities are concerned. They will remain as always open to political debates and dialogue involving all political parties.


Diane Loo
Press Secretary to Ag Minister for Education (Higher Education and Skills)

Regina Lim
Press Secretary to Ag Minister for Education (Schools)

Editor’s note: Our schools are not “neutral places of learning”. Read, for example, 
MOE written textbooks are even more biased and partisan towards the PAP
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