Chee announces candidacy: Effective TC management top priority

Singapore Democrats

My priority as MP of Bukit Batok (BB), should I be fortunate enough to be elected, will be to ensure the efficient and productive management of the BB Town Council. The SDP’s goal is to surpass current levels of performance of PAP-run town councils. We will set new standards for transparency and accountability in estate governance.

The SDP also looks forward to pioneering a new model of town council management where residents are involved in the planning and running of their community.

Our first objective is to ensure a seamless takeover of the town council management. To do this, we will establish a Transition Team within three working days following the election to handle the transfer.

The BBTC will not engage a managing agent. Instead, we will employ qualified and experienced professionals as part of the management team, and I will personally see to the effective running of the TC and to attend to the residents’ concerns.

The BBTC will retain the bulk of the existing staff from the current Jurong Town Council Bukit Batok Office. This will allow the new team to hit the ground running upon taking over the TC.

We have laid out detailed plans in our SDP Town Council Management Plan on how to effect a smooth takeover of the TC and its work, and we have specified our takeover plans in the first 30 days followed by the first 100 days. By the first 100 days, we will, among other goals, achieve the following:

Submit a comprehensive report of the transition and handover processes,
Establish a clear budgetary plan,
File the first financial interim report,
Produce the work-plan for the first 12 months of BBTC operations,
Compile a set of effective maintenance strategies.

Our mission is not only to manage the BB estate well, we will also cultivate a successful town where residents develop a unique sense of belonging. It is a place where members of the community and the town managers put our minds together to make BB a real home – a home where neighbour greets neighbour, the better off lend a hand to help lift up those in need, and friends look out for one another.

I invite residents to track our performance of the BBTC under SDP management as well as the promises and commitments that we make.

I will also ensure that BB residents have an effective voice in Parliament. I will bring their hopes and aspirations as well as their hardship and concerns with me into the House. I will endeavour to raise the quality of Parliamentary debate and elevate the level of politics and governance in Singapore, and, by so doing, take our nation to a future full of hope and confidence.

In other words, I will be a competent, constructive and compassionate MP, one that BB voters will be proud of. With this pledge, I hereby announce my candidacy for the by-election in Bukit Batok SMC.

Chee Soon Juan
Singapore Democratic Party