We Are One, We Are Bukit Batok

Singapore Democrats

SDP launches We Are One, We Are Bukit Batok, a social programme for the SMC should SDP get elected in the by-election.

The SDP’s mission is not only to manage the housing estate well, we also want to cultivate a successful town.

But what is a successful town? It is one where the pavements and lift-landings are not only kept clean but also where residents develop a unique sense of belonging. It is a place where members of the community and the town managers put our minds together to make the estate a real home – a home where neighbour greets neighbour, the better off lend a hand to help lift up those in need, and friends look out for one another.

Dr Chee said: “I don’t want to be just an MP, I want to be that spark, that catalyst that brings out the best in the people of Bukit Batok, to inspire everyone to reach for their best, to appeal to the better angels in all of us and to discover that side of our community that we didn’t know we had so that we can build a compassionate town, a town that will, dare I dream, become the model and one day spread to all of Singapore.”

The programme includes the following initiatives the SDP has spelled out for Bukit Batok:

Hearts for Bukit Batok

This project endeavours to create a caring community for our elderly and low-income residents. Under this programme, households in Bukit Batok will be encouraged to adopt a needy family in the community by contributing their time and/or resources to the family’s well-being. This will bring the Bukit Batok community closer together and forge strong bonds between fellow residents. It will enrich the lives of both the receiver and the giver even as we recognise that our humanity is inextricably bound together.

The SDP will also set up and manage a trust fund that will raise funds to assist Bukit Batok’s elderly poor with monthly stipends or food vouchers. If elected, Dr Chee will use his MP’s allowance to assist 10 low-income families.

Wong Hwee Lin is presently a Private Tutor, who has extensive experience in teaching. She possesses a Master of Arts in SocioCultural Anthropology and was nominated for a Teaching Award in 2009.

Ms Wong will coordinate Hearts for Bukit Batok.


This project aims to create an environment conducive for students to build confidence and develop their potential. It is a place where students come together discover themselves, explore their interests and talents, or simply find someone to listen to them. Pathfinder will also provide subsidised private tuition for students from lower income families.

Rajakumari Ashukumar (Kumari) is presently an allied educator and pursuing a degree in biomedical science.

Ms Kumari will coordinate Pathfinder.

Dollars and Sense

This initiative assists residents who are facing financial difficulties and are looking for advice in resolving their financial problems. Financial experts and planners will meet with residents either individually or in small groups. 

Mr Tan Kin Lian is currently the President of the Financial Services Consumer Association. A qualified actuary, Mr Tan was the CEO of NTUC Income from 1977 to 2007.

Mr Tan will facilitate Dollars and Sense.

Legal Lifeline

Staffed by lawyers, the Legal Lifeline provides the first step of assistance to low- income residents who are in need of legal advice. We have at least 7 lawyers who have volunteered to run the legal clinic at this point in time.

SDP announced The Bukit Batok Town Council Transition Team

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