SDP’s new intern: “Change does not happen by standing still.”

Singapore Democrats

“Because I am a Political Science major, I am naturally interested in learning the unique development and government of Singapore and I wanted the opportunity to learn more,” said Ms Megan Lee, the SDP’s latest intern.

Megan, a sophomore at the University of California at Berkeley, studies comparative politics and education. A US citizen, she will be in Singapore for two months.

During this time, she will also be taking a course at NUS. As part of her internship, she will be involved in research work and looking into the SDP’s operations and systems.

Back home, Megan says she wants to be more active in politics. “I hope to actively work on campaigns and participate in political groups,” she says, adding, “I am very vocal about my political beliefs, and I try very hard to keep up with current events.”

Having been in Singapore for only less than a week, Megan is already savouring local gastronomic delights. “I also love the food here, I just tried kaya toast the other day and it was delicious!” she enthused.

Regarding her work here, she says that she has learned about different government systems and political cultures but has never been able to experience anything other than the one in the US. She says that it’s a rare opportunity to able to experience Singapore’s unique politics first-hand.

Megan is the fourth intern at the SDP. If past experience is any guide, the stint will be enriching and mutually beneficial for her and the SDP.

And what advice does she have for youth in Singapore? “It’s the same one I would give to young people in America: Don’t be complacent. Work on not only improving yourselves in school, but also improving the environment around you. One thing I have learned at Berkeley is that change does not happen by standing still, you have to be active in your community.”

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