SDP Chair congratulates pro-democracy Hong Kong legislators

Singapore Democrats

The SDP would like to extend our heartiest congratulations to the people of Hong Kong for voting in a larger number of pro-democracy candidates in the Legislative Council (Legco) elections held on 4 September. 

In particular, we are heartened to see the election of six young leaders into Legco; they are expected to be at the forefront to fight for greater democracy in Hong Kong.

We also commend the elections committee of Hong Kong for conducting the elections in a free and fair manner.

The pro-democracy camp has retained one-third of seats in the Council to veto major constitutional changes. This is critical in view of attempts by Beijing to tighten its control of the Special Administrative Region (SAR).

The SDP believes that the Legco election results reflect the Hong Kong people’s demand for not only political rights but also economic reforms. In recent years, Hong Kongers have seen diminishing job opportunities, escalating property prices and rampant business cronyism.

We salute the people of Hong Kong for having the courage to vote in the candidates whom they trust can bring about change to their lives and the society at large.

Dr Wong Souk Yee
Singapore Democratic Party