SDP supports effort to include single parents in HDB

Singapore Democrats

The SDP fully supports the Association of Women for Action and Research’s (AWARE’s) initiative calling on the government to allow single parents to register for HDB flats.

In fact, our party had drawn up a proposal in 2012 to increase the inclusiveness of public housing by enabling single-parent families to buy HDB flats.

In our 2012 policy paper titled Housing a Nation: Holistic Policies for Affordable Homes, we propose that parents who are not married should be able to ballot for HDB flats and single-parent families with children under 12 should be given priority in the ballots.

In order that equal opportunity be given for single parents and their children to succeed in life, it is imperative that they have a stable roof over their heads and a nurturing environment they can call home.

We, therefore, welcome AWARE’s effort and petition “to reform housing policies to give single-parent families fairer access to stable, affordable housing.” Singaporeans can sign the petition here.



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