AGC takes on Li Shengwu but ignores SDP’s letter to investigate Lee Hsien Loong

Singapore Democrats

The Attorney-General’s Chambers (AGC) has not responded to the SDP’s letter sent 10 days ago on 7 July 2017, where we called on it to investigate charges of abuse of powers by PM Lee Hsien Loong.

In contrast, the Chambers has reacted with lightning speed to a post made by Mr Li Shengwu, Lee Hsien Yang’s son, on his private Facebook page. Mr Li had shared an article published by the Wall Street Journal and made a comment about Singapore’s judicial system.

The AGC says it is aware of Mr Li’s post which was made on 15 July 2017 and is “looking into the matter”.

The SDP calls on the AGC to show even-handedness in the matter by also looking into the allegations made against PM Lee. Specifically, the SDP calls on the AGC to investigate accusations that:

One, PM Lee Hsien Loong had made “false claims” in Parliament

Two, Ho Ching had no business acting on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO)

Three, PM Lee acted inappropriately on the Deed of Gift

Four, the appointment of the Ministerial Committee was questionable.

How the AGC handles the two issues will determine the level of public confidence in our law enforcement agency. It is crucial that the AGC treats the cases without fear or favour.

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