SPH retrenchment – this is why SDP proposes the Singaporeans First policy

Singapore Democrats

There are reports that the Singapore Press Holdings (SPH) has hired foreign journalists even as it has laid off 130 staff members.

If such an occurrence has indeed taken place, it signals yet again the inability or, worse, unwillingness of the PAP to protect the interests of Singaporeans.

It makes a mockery of the government’s Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) policy which asks employers to “consider” hiring Singaporeans first before they employ foreigners.

This approach has clearly not worked as employers, many of whom are non-Singaporeans themselves, continue to hire their fellow foreigners over locals. Such a practice is reflected in the rising number of Singaporeans getting retrenched, or remain unemployed, even as businesses continue to hire foreigners.

This is why the SDP has proposed and repeatedly called for the introduction of the Singaporeans First policy where employers in Singapore are required to demonstrate that they have made every effort to employ Singaporeans first before they are allowed to recruit foreign PMETs.

Under our policy, foreign PMETs wishing to work in Singapore will be assessed via a point system based on their qualifications and also on industry needs. Only those with required qualifications, skills, and experience will be able to work here. (Read our proposal in full here.)

Such a policy will ensure that businesses like the SPH cannot allegedly retrench Singaporeans while simultaneously hire foreign correspondents.

Singapore is undergoing great economic stress and such egregious discrimination against our own people is outrageous.and must end.

The SDP calls on Mr Ng Yat Chung, CEO of SPH, to confirm whether he has hired foreigners while retrenching Singaporeans.

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