Jolovan Wham’s courage should be commended

Singapore Democrats

The Singapore Democratic Party has long believed and fought for the basic freedoms guaranteed by our constitution.

When we became independent in 1965, our then Prime Minister proclaimed that “Singapore shall forever be a sovereign democratic and independent nation, founded upon the principles of liberty and justice and ever seeking the welfare and happiness of her people in a more just and equal society”

Over the last fifty two years, we have seen those principles slowly but surely being eroded. Those who have campaigned for a more just and equal society have been marginalized and silenced for too long.

Mr Jolovan Wham has peacefully spoken out in support of the very principles that Singapore was founded upon – liberty and justice for all. He should be commended for his courage and integrity in helping to bring Singapore back to our historic roots. 

The basic rights to speak and publicly participate in our nation’s affairs are enshrined in our Constitution and must be respected by the authorities. Restricting the very freedoms that our pioneering generation fought so hard to secure is unconstitutional.

Pursuing Mr Wham for peaceful protests that have harmed no one is a regressive step that can only adversely affect Singaporeans and Singapore’s global reputation.

Paul Tambyah
Singapore Democratic Party

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