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We’re posting a series called Celebrating Singapore this National Day period where we highlight some of the wishes of our friends and members for our nation. We start here with Bryan Lim, SDP Treasurer and proud father.

Just before I attended my first political rally at the age of 8 (which, by the way, kindled my interest in politics), football was my first love. It still is except that I don’t play it as often as I used to.

I was quite good at the Beautiful Game so much so that my primary school head coach called me up for training. But Mum (like a lot of mums) refused to let me attend, afraid that I would neglect my studies.

Behind her back (like a lot of kids), I quietly turned up whenever there was a game. But coach would never give me a game because I didn’t train. He had to be fair to other boys. It wasn’t long before I handed over my jersey and called it a day.

It turned out that I did rather well for my PSLE and got into the school of my dreams, which was a stone’s throw away from my house (it was Mum’s dream school too because it meant she could save on my transport).

During the school orientation week, we played football and hockey with our new classmates and I excelled in both sports. My PE teacher pulled me aside and invited me to join the school team selection trials for both games. Here we go again.

Excitedly, I updated my mum and thought that this time around she would let me partake in the trials since I had proven myself academically.

Arms akimbo, she gave me a choice: “One, either you break your leg on the pitch or, two, I will break your leg!” It was a unanimous decision if you know what I mean. No ‘ifs’ and ‘buts’.

And with that went my dream of playing football for school.

Fast forward, I shared this story with my daughter, Sonya, and told her how lucky she is compared to me.

She started ballet at the young age of three and has never looked back. At the same age when I was warming the bench for my primary school, she had already competed in countless dance competitions and had expressed her intention to join SOTA after PSLE.

I told her that I would support her dreams because I don’t want her to live with regrets like me.

I understand what my mum wanted for me, it was a different time, a different era. Younger parents nowadays have a different outlook – we want our kids to enjoy what they do and pursue their passion.

Life should be lived that way.

As we move ahead, let’s live our passion. Here’s to our 53rd Singapore Birthday. Happy National Day, everyone!

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