Breaking News: Campaign Kick-Off venue changed, management cancels again

Singapore Democrats

It’s happened again. The venue management  KCC (Kingdom Community Church) Ventures Pte Ltd has cancelled the SDP Campaign Kick-Off one day – yes, ONE DAY – before our event.

The event is now changed to the Mandarin Hotel at Orchard Road Ballroom 3, Level 6.  

The SDP was informed of the cancellation only this afternoon citing “JTC inspection” and political reasons. The last-minute cancellation threw our plans into chaos. But the SDP never says die and after some frenetic re-organisation, we found another bigger and grander venue at Mandarin Orchard.

This latest episode highlights the sick situation this country finds itself under PAP rule – gripped by fear and bullying. Contracts and agreements are broken last-minute with impunity. The SDP will not take such action lying down, we are strongly considering taking legal action. 

This is even more reason for Singaporeans to come to our Campaign Kick-Off tomorrow (23 Feb, Sat at 2 pm) and help us fight such autocratic behaviour. Please help us spread the word and tell everybody about the change in venue. See you tomorrow!






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