SDP accepts KCCV’s apology

Singapore Democrats

Dr Chee Soon Juan and SDP Organising Secretary Mr Jufri Salim met with Pastor Vincent Lun of KCC this afternoon. Mr Lun had contacted Dr Chee and asked to meet.

At the meeting, Mr Lun apologised again on behalf of KCC Ventures and said that was no sugar-coating the matter – it was wrong on their part to have cancelled the SDP’s event on 23 Feb the day before and accepted full responsibility over the matter. He also compensated us for the expenses incurred as a result of the change in venue.

The SDP has decided to accept KCCV’s apology and considers the matter closed.

That leaves the other outstanding issue with the JTC who had wrongly accused the SDP of being “totally irresponsible to conflate this issue with the on-going investigations” of the KCCV’s premises.

As can be seen from the KCCV’s statement, it was KCCV who had drawn JTC into the matter – not the SDP. In its statement, the KCCV said that “The fault lies solely with us”. The organisation has done the right and decent thing and apologised for its error.

We expect the JTC to also do the right and decent thing and await its apology.


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