Here’s how we can lower the cost of living: SDP’s policy launch

Singapore Democrats

The SDP will propose concrete ways on how to keep the cost of living down for Singaporeans. This will take place in a major policy announcement which will be unveiled next Saturday, 16 March.

The rising cost of living is a major concern for Singaporeans. Already one of the most expensive cities in the world, the PAP has recently piled on the misery for the people by raising, or proposing to raise, prices on a slew of goods and services.

These include:

  1. Water
  2. Carpark
  3. ERP
  4. Town Council
  5. Careshield
  6. Electricity
  7. Gas
  8. Bus
  9. Kindergarten
  10. University
  11. Polytechnic
  12. ITE
  13. GST
  14. Sugar
  15. Carbon emission
  16. Digital services
  17. Diesel

Note: All these increases came after GE 2015. During the elections, Mr Lee Hsien Loong promised: “That’s why we work with you to solve your problems like cost of living, how we can make your lives better, not quite burden (sic), lighter.”

The SDP’s proposals to lower the cost of living will ease the financial burden on Singaporeans from all walks of life including the youth, housewives, parents, retirees, and businesses.

This is the first of a series of policies that the Party will launch and/or update in the coming months as we endeavour to be a responsible and constructive opposition party. The initiative was announced at our Campaign Kick-Off held last month.

The policy launches will culminate in the publication of a landmark manifesto that will comprise a comprehensive and detailed proposal of alternative ideas in key sectors such as education, housing, population growth, healthcare, the economy, the Malay community, ministerial salaries, and town council planning.

We believe this is the first if its kind in Singapore’s political history.

The aim of this exercise is to paint a scenario of an alternative vision for Singapore, one that is compassionate, inclusive and, most important, sustainable. Our intention is to give Singaporeans a reason to vote for the SDP, and not just against the PAP, at the next GE.

So please join us at the launch. All are welcome.

Event: Launch of SDP’s Cost of Living Policy
Date: 16 March 2019, Saturday
Time: 2 pm
Venue: SDP Office (3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-30, Link@AMK)


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