SDP’s answer to the HDB 99-year lease calamity

Singapore Democrats

Following the successful launch of our cost of living policy, the SDP will be presenting our housing policy where we will directly address the grave concerns Singaporeans have about the 99-year lease of their HDB flats.

The admission by National Development Minister Lawrence Wong that HDB flats will decrease in value until they become worthless at the end of the lease has come as a bombshell to Singaporeans.

This is because many flat-owners depend on their HDB flats as a nest-egg to be monetised for their retirement. They were guaranteed by the PAP that prices would never drop. Now that they realise that they have been misled wholesale, the anger and anxiety is palpable and intense.

How can such a catastrophic turn of events be resolved?

The SDP will propose a realistic and workable solution to this problem that will offer the country a way out of this mess that the PAP has created. We will present this proposal at

Event: Launch of Housing A Nation: Holistic Policies for Affordable Homes
Date: 6 April 2019, Saturday, 2-4 pm
Venue: SDP Office – 3 Ang Mo Kio Street 62, #02-30, Link@AMK
This event is open to the public

This is the second of a series of alternative policies that the SDP will launch as we announced in our Campaign Kick-off in February this year.

It is another milestone in our development as a competent, constructive and compassionate alternative party. Our objective is to tell Singaporeans of our vision for Singapore so that they have a reason to vote for the SDP, not just against the PAP. There is an alternative to the PAP.

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